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Purity of Heart for Saving Balance

Wisdom allows a person to save balance in any life situation. Now what is happening in the Ukraine causes different “waves”. This is energy-informative war which reached universal scales and is happening by the will of the Creator. It is natural for renewal of the reality on Earth in whole. The Ukraine is the heart of the Planet and that is why the whole world is watching what is happening here.

Maidan of the Ukarine is seen as political, economic and social revolution. However first of all it is energy-informative change of everything that got old. This period will bring RENEWAL only when everyone will save the purity of their hands, thoughts, words and actions. The purity of our thoughts and hearts is important to the Ukraine. It is very sad to observe the distortion of our fields by those who are not on Maidan (opinion of our neighbors from the abroad and from other cities)…

In the East there are principles of purity which can help us obtain spiritual integrity during these times. It is important to avoid provocations and panic which are directed to Kiev from all sides. Balance, which is saved in the Souls of many followers of the spiritual traditions of the Ukraine, is as important as direct involvement in the Maidan movement. This balance changes vibrations of ALL participants without involvement of emotional quarrels, conflicts and discussions in social networks.

These rules can help you save purity of your heart and help Ukraine.

  1. “Purity of hands” This means not to take too much. This also includes fortieth, tenth or other part of your income which you have to give to those who are in need.
  2. “Purity of ears”. This means not to listen to those who are scared, bitter, fussy, etc, along with avoiding foul language, gossip and vapid conversation.
  3. “Purity of eyes”. This means to save your eyes from hatred, malice, envy and lust.
  4. “Purity of tongue”. This means to save yourself from verbiage and ribaldry. “Silence is gold”
  5. “Purity of body and clothes” This means to keep your body and clothes clean.
  6. “Purity of thoughts”. This means to eliminate all negative thoughts and evil intents. This also means not pity yourself. Why do that? Isn’t it better to encourage yourself for bright beginnings?
  7. “Purity of soul and heart”. This means to save and guard your spiritual impulses, not to ignore them. Just love and do not demand anything in return. Love is happiness in itself.

With love to ALL, Tatyana Dugelnaya

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