Он и она. Блог Татьяны Дугельной

He had left, she stayed…

He had left, she stayed… For the first time in her life she could not cry. She did not hold tears. She simply could not cry. They were gone, everything dried up. Her Soul has dried up during these last couple of days when she was gathering him for war…

Snow has covered the blooded streets after Maidan. Frost tried to freeze the whole situation in the country. Spring tried to clean people from pain, to give new hopes. Winter and spring could not sort their roles out. Hundreds and thousands of summonses to the army were coming to homes while in the East shots were already rattling. Crimea has been occupied and torn away from life…

War has entered their lives roughly and tough.

A few days after the summons, this was the time her Soul wept, cried and screamed. Summons was the worst thing that could have ever happened to them. Summons could take him forever. Summons does not ask whether you are ready, it dictates judgement of duty. Summons was a bombshell among the quiet harbour of life. It has pulled him out with roots. Summons has torn them apart and did not leave any chance for coming back. It has torn her Soul into little pieces.

Fear of losing him has become the glue for her Soul forever. Suddenly a great power has risen from the depth of her Soul which ordered: “Stop! Stay calm and carry on while you are gathering him for the journey!” She has succumbed to that force resignedly. Something has risen from the depth of the memory. Some song has sounded with faint notes in her cells. She has gained confidence and shared it with him.

They started to pack. Bag was filling up more and more. You had to think over and take into account everything. While packing him she was gathering herself. She was going to protect the defender. Anything but tears! He could slip on them and die! That is why she packed her prayers in his bag. These were her charms, her blessings, her protection for the Defender.

He had left, she stayed. No, only her body has stayed, she has followed him as a Shadow. Shadow for protection of the Defender. Shadow of belief in his Strength. Her Shadow for his Sun. Her Shadow for the splendour of his Courage.

He had left, she stayed and humbly laid her hands for the timeless prayer for peace.

@Tetiana Duhelna

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