This article is sharing the results of the Reiki experiment that was held by me and a group of volunteers including Reiki Masters in Kiev, March 2017. I’m grateful for their full dedication and help in this experiment. I believe this experiment is really important for those who already practice Reiki and for those who still has doubts but very soon will become part of our family of Light. Reiki unites people by the power of Love. After visiting Mount Kurama and Sensei Mikao Usui’s grave I know that Reiki is not just an Absolute Power. It is the Absolute Cosmic Energy of Conscious Love. And all processes in Reiki occur only in Love.

During our Reiki experiment we assumed that Reiki as a Cosmic Energy Flow acts faster and stronger during the remote session than during the contact one. We took into the consideration that during the contact session the thermal energy of the healers hands also effects the patient. Usually energy that flows through the healers hands is associated with the Reiki Flow. But the Reiki Flow has light/quantum nature (not electromagnetic). And this means that the Reiki Flow spreads faster than the speed of light does. It resonates with the Reiki’s practicer’s intention and most importantly strengthens the patient’s faith. When we practice remote healing session to a person Reiki healer’s power of intention works and the patient’s faith is strengthenes. This is the key to successful work. This is a pure spiritual process in which Reiki Flow heals directly. Reiki practitioner simply sends the request — intention on behalf of the patient.

We also had a hypothesis that during the Reiki healing session human’s brain cortex starts to vibrate more vigorously in the theta rhythms range that cause the altered state of consciousness. This state usually experienced by a person during meditation and meditative state promotes spiritual growth. This condition is called the fourth state of consciousness in the Bekhterev’s Institute. They consider it as a very healing and useful state for the whole body not only for spiritual practices. The world scientific community has long known that the theta level of brain’s vibrations is the level that triggers the healing mechanisms of the physical body and harmonizes mental processes.

We chose the electroencephalogram method to trace the results of our research. Electroencephalography (EEG) is a method of studying the brain based on recording its electrical potentials. EEG reflects the functional side of the brain. The EEG method is completely harmless, painless, safe, not associated with exposure to the patient and is highly sensitive. To date the EEG is one of the most widely used method. It is available in neurology and neurosurgery techniques for diagnosing changes in the functional state of brain cell activity.

Modern people are overstrained. They have off-beaten beta rhythms, they are in a state of chronic stress that causes primitive errors at first and then deseases. The problem is that even with a high level of intellectuality in society people can’t recruit and distribute energy. Reiki can solve this problem. But faith in Reiki’s healing energy among non-practitioners is at a very low level.

During this Reiki experiment we set ourselves a series of tasks and one of the main ones was to strengthen the faith in the Reiki’s healing among the Reiki practitioners and those who are interested in Reiki but not yet practicing. We noticed that Reiki’s non-practitioners had more active and obvious changes in the cerebral cortex during the experiment. Also participants from the control group indicated a stronger sense of relaxation and a lower level of activity. They became calmer and more relaxed. We assume that Reiki’s practicioners who regularly engage in their self-development, conduct their Reiki sessions and meditate, have the presence of theta and alpha rhythms in their cortex as the norm. At the same time, the psychological test «Well-being, activity, mood» indicated sharply decreased activity and mood improvement at the main group participants as well. The subjective condition improved as well what was also confirmed by changes in blood pressure and pulse rate. The pressure and pulse came to normal almost among all the participants. Only two participants from 20 had the pressure rose. But even so they pointed to a sense of relaxation and a good general condition.

The general diagram of the results of the psychological test shows that the participant’s psychoemotional «before» and «after» state has changed. We can see that the «Well-being» and «Mood» indicators have improved, while the «Activity» indicator has decreased. Decrease in the «Activity» indicator may indicate that the Reiki Flow can be regarded as a source of relaxation and healing.


Reiki’s regular practice allows a person to heal and develop spiritually simultaneously. These two processes are tightly intertwined. Sensei Mikao Usui said: «Treat your mind.» In the science of psychology it is believed that the psyche is the subtle activity of our mind. The mind generates thought images that fill the life of a person. Some people have these thoughts being realized in their life as  joy in communication, success in work and enjoyment of life. Such people usually are healthy and complete.

But next to them live people who create their own problems with their own thoughts, they are not happy with their relationships, their business and they often get sick. Most often them blame politics or economy of the country for their suffering, they think that they have contracted some disease or are simply not lucky in life. But it’s not like that.

Every Reiki practitioner knows that if you live according to Reiki’s five principles your life changes for the better every day. It becomes joyful, full and conscious. Many people who are accustomed to blaming others for their troubles find it difficult to find meaning in everything that happens to them. We believe that they simply do not have enough energy. And when a person has simply energy, the energy of Love, the energy of Reiki, then their mind creates other mental images and then such a person can change their life. Mikao Usui believed that healing is not possible without spiritual growth.

The main group, beta-rhythms                         


Control group, beta-rhythms

We found that the Reiki Master’s beta activity is practically reduced to zero and alpha-activity is increased minimum of two and more times. That is the state that called «Master’s state“ in the east.

We found that Reiki practitioner’s beta-rhythms decrease two or more times, and they declined only slightly in the control group. Therefore, a person who undergoes initiation in Reiki automatically conducts more spiritual energies through themselves.

Reiki causes a sharp decrease in the beta-rhytms amount (14-40 Hz/s) in the brain of Reiki practitioners and minor changes in the control group participant’s brains (about 15%).

All that’s going on today is for the best.

This principle helped us to come up with this Reiki’s research. 20 people took part  in the experiment. they had the contact Reiki healing sessions provided by Reiki Master and the distanced session provided by a group of 5 Reiki practitioners. At the same time the experiment was taking place electroencephalograph was measuring the state of the participant’s cerebral cortex waves.

Today and now we are happy about it.

This principle helped us to accept everything that happened during the experiment with joy. I must say at once that the doctors of the clinic were suspicious of us and of our hypothesis, and even more so of the results that we received. The experiment was held on the basis of the Kiev Professor Ulyana Lushchyk’s clinic of healthy vessels.

Today and now we live with an open heart. This principle allowed us to conduct the Reiki experiment and to take easy the opinion of professionals who serve the classical science in Ukraine but who are not ready to consider nor alternative nor traditional methods of helping people. I would like to say that my personal story includes healing from several micro-strokes and  raising myself a remote ovary which was possible thanks to the influence of Reiki and Field of Love. I know how important it is to live with an open heart.

Today and now we respect everyone we meet on our life’s path. This principle also helped our research team when we invited volunteers who knew little or had never heard of Reiki before to participate in the control group. It was important for us to see how the Reiki Flow works on those who do not know anything about it and even doubts it. We’ve got amazing results because of it.

Today and now we thank for the received grace. And I want to express my gratitude to a group of researchers from Kiev, to all participants of the experiment and to you, dear reader of this article. We also grateful to the Reiki Master from Kiev, Zhanna Girak and her husband Pavel for the idea of conducting such an amazing study.

 Two subgroups- main and control one — took part in the experiment. The main group consisted of Reiki Usui Ryoho’s practitioners of various levels. The control group consisted of people who do not practice Reiki and did not even know before the experiment what it was. Prior to the beginning of the Reiki experiment and at its end, we conducted psychological testing of activity, mood and well-being of all the prticipants. Physiological indices were also measured (blood pressure and pulse) before and after the experiment.

The very procedure of the Reiki experiment consisted of:

  1. Adaptation phase. Participant had to wear electroencephalograph sensors on his head and to lie quietly for 5 minutes to calm down and adapt. Many people are experiencing stress just from the presence in medical fascilities. We allowed the participant to calm down and tune into an experiment.
  2. Measure of the patient’s background state — 5 minutes.  And this was our mistake in a way. The patients were laying down and relaxing themselves on their own before 10 minute impact of Reiki started (phase I and phase II). Therefore, for some patients changes were not very drastic. After all, when a patient comes to us for a Reiki healing session we start the session in a few minutes.
  3. Then Reiki Master was working with two Dan t’ians. His right hand was on the middle (area of the heart chakra) and the left one was on the lower dan t’ian  (the area below the navel) for 5 minutes.
  4. Then, when this phase of the contact healing session was over (phase III), the phase of the remote action (phase IV) began. A group of Reiki practitioners who were at the other end of Kiev started to conduct the Reiki session for another 5 minutes. The distance between the clinic and the place from which the remotee work was conducted was about 20 km. Dring this phase indicators of the activity of the cerebral cortex were recorded by a physician at a medical clinic.

In autumn we plan to repeat this Reiki experiment. Next time we will measure Reiki’s impact during the first phase as it happen with Reiki Master Jeanne Girak who came up with this experiment. Her diagram shows that the contact session she did to herself did not reveal significant changes in the EEG spectrum, but the distance work with her own phantom revealed the appearance of a peak of 5.8 Hz (theta rhythms) in the left posterolar-temporal region. So the beta activity sharply decreased and the Master plunged into a trance, meditative state. Moreover, the left hemisphere is responsible for the logical activity of a person, and the appearance of theta rhythms there indicates the establishment of a connection with the subconsciousness.


During our experiment changes in the activity of the cerebral cortex were noted absolutely at all the participants. Especially they were visible at Reiki non-practitioners. And we concluded that this happened due to the fact that the Reiki practitioner himself is constantly in the Reiki Flow and this is his natural state. And Reiki flow is theta and alpha states.
The research team put forward  hypotheses which were confirmed during the study completely. The conclusion of the doctors of the clinic fully confirmed our assumptions.
1) The healing energy of Reiki causes a change in the activity of the human cerebral cortex. During the Reiki healing sessions we’ve found stable retention of vibrations of the cerebral cortex in the range of theta rhythms (8-4 Hz / s) which correspond to the salubrious altered state of consciousness or the state of meditation, which has a beneficial effect on the human body as a whole. In this state  a person is healed at all levels — bodily, mental and spiritual.


The main group theta rhythms Control group theta rhythms







Note that the main group during the remote phase of the Reiki experiment had an increase in theta rhythms, which corresponds to the fact that the Reiki practitioner perceives the distance Reiki session with great confidence and has a higher conductivity of spiritual energy. In the control group (non Reiki’s practicioners), the activity of theta rhythms decreased when the distance session began. Apparently it is important for people to feel the touch of Reiki healer during the session. It gives them more confidence that something is actually happening to them.

I want to emphasize that people often control their condition. And they are able by force of will to achieve altered states of consciousness, including immersing themselves to the theta state. But in the alpha state it’s much more difficult to dive. Without a certain training an ordinary person jumps from overexcitation the beta activity of the brain into a sharp relaxation of theta rhythms. It is isinterestimg what we’ve found out as for the alpha activity.

2) During the experiment it was found that Reiki also causes the appearance of stable bursts in the cerebral cortex in the range of vibrations of alpha rhythms (8-14 Hz / s), which has a beneficial effect on improving human memory, ability to quickly process information and achieve insights. Also in this state of consciousness a person reveals their creative potential and activates intuition.


Main group alpha rhythms Control group alpha rhythms







Note that the alpha rhythms in the brain grew almost two times more in both groups. In this case during the Reiki and contact and remore session held for Reiki healers a sharp vibration jump was observed. This indicates that being in the Reiki Flow allows Reiki practitioners use the resources of their psyche better and more efficient. Also it contributes to more effective learning and perception of information.

A gradual increase in the number of alpha rhythms of the participants of the control group was observed at the distance phase of the Reiki Flow exposure — alpha rhythms were above all others. This confirms our assumption that during the remote exposure a very important element is a Reiki healers pure intention. Faith in the Reiki Flow and the ability to keep the consciousness pure by the healer – is that what helps the patient to join the Reiki Flow directly. This allows people to feel oneness with the Supreme Absolute Energy of Love which Reiki is.

3) During the contact Reiki session (phase III) the dynamics of changes in the cerebral cortex of the participants differ from the remote effect (phase IV). Changes in the cerebral cortex differ in dynamics between the participants of the control group and the main group (the Reiki group of practitioners) according to the theta and alpha activity. We observed that theta and alpha activity had gradually increased during the remote phase of Reiki impact in the main group. These changes are less pronounced but yet fairly stable. That once again confirms the importance of regular work on your own development which is practiced by Reiki Usui Ryoho healers.


The main group of theta rhythms Main group alpha rhythms








During the remote impact number of alpha rhythms increased significantly and theta rhythms decreased in the cerebral cortex of the control group participants. This again confirms that a person can not control the increase of alpha rhythms that appear during a Reiki session. That is what contributes to insights, raises awareness, gaines inner integrity and freedom. But theta rhythms are responsible for the healing of the whole organism. Immersion of a person in this state allows one to launch their cellular memory of health and integrity.

Theta’s condition of the control group began to decrease gradually after the remote exposure and then to manifest more active beta activity again which means that the mind and control were included. This shows that for a non-Reiki’s practicioner is important to have the contact with the Reiki healer’s hands. But the experiment indicates that Reiki’s remote sessions have a deeper and more sustainable effect. And they also train the faith in the spiritual energy of Reiki.


Control group alpha rhythms Control group of theta rhythms







Few conclusions of the Reiki experiment:

1) We insist that more effective influence occurs  during the remote Reiki healing session. Bypassing the contact interaction between the healer and the patient trains the Faith in the Reiki Power.

2) We believe that Reiki Usui Ryoho’s healers through regular spiritual work change their state of consciousness and this affects the entire humanity and the planet Earth as a whole.

3) Alpha condition causes a person’s peace and tranquility. Strengthens the harmonization of hormonal activity. Associate the activities of consciousness and the subconscious. Theta-activity is a deep subconscious activity of the human psyche. We confirmed that these two ranges of activity of the cerebral cortex increased with impact of the Reiki Flow.

We plan to make a more extensive experiment in Kiev including a larger number of non-Reiki practitioners in the group. They will have Reiki healing sessions after which we will conduct a survey of their health and derive the formula for the relationship between the spiritual and physical health of a person who practices Reiki.

With Love and Gratitude,
Tatiana Duhelna
Psychotherapist, writer
Reiki Usui Ryoho Master and Teacher

Kiev, Ukraine




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